Rebel, Reject, Create Now On All Podcast Platforms!

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After one full season of the Rebel, Reject, Create podcast on YouTube, I decided to branch out!

To do this, I made 2 big changes:
ONE: The podcast is now available on Youtube as a video podcast AND on multiple podcast platforms as a traditional, audio-only podcast.

TWO: For the podcast platforms I am alternating between 1 interview episode followed by a Deep Dive episode. In the alternate episodes, I dive into some of the things my guests mention to give more detail and tips on how YOU can use what they are talking about.

Apple, Google, Spotify and more

Now you can listen to the podcasts wherever you are however you like… just search Rebel, Reject, Create on your favourite platform.


Visit AnchorFm HERE where I am hosting the podcast and click on the links for the platform of your choice.

Episode 2, Season 2 LIVE NOW!

Catch my conversation with Anton Marshall live now (as seen below in this video) and make sure you subscribe to the platform of your choice to keep up to date with new episodes.

I am back posting Season 1 to all podcast platforms as well, so in the coming weeks, there will be a LOT of content coming!

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