Unblock Writer’s Block

Unblock Your Writer's Block

As a writer, I sometimes don’t think about how I deal with blockages or getting stuck. It was only when asked to present a workshop on the subject that I stopped to really think about it.

The result was this book, Unblock Writer’s Block. In it, I combine my experiences with writing everything from poetry to journalism, marketing materials and books with my knowledge of creative thinking.

Writer’s Block is something that has been romanticized when in reality, it is a functional aspect of writing. You’re going to get stuck. And this is a good thing. It tells you that you’re doing something wrong and that something needs to change, be added or even taken away.

When we react to writer’s block as a non-negotiable, intractable thing, we essentially just give up. And that is not what is going on at all. Sure, you might want to give up on a specific vision or perspective on what you are writing, but to give up totally is to miss the point.

That’s why this little book has 8 chapters with 8 exercise, 8 sets of takeaways and 8 reflection questions: because being blocked require us to change our minds… and to feel what that feels like.

What Do You Get?

In it, you will learn how to shift your perspective enough to see new possibilities; adjust your physical location or your view just enough to get you thinking differently. You will learn the value of writing way too fast, and of stopping writing entirely.

But most of you will learn the value of just turning up and writing anyway, even when it isn’t as good as, or what you wanted, to start with. No practice day was ever lost just because you lost the next match. It is about building up the overall sum of practice to become good enough to create the best work, the memorable results.

And that is only possible when you turn up and keep turning up, no matter how badly it is going.

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