Question Everything!


It’s amazing how we blindly accept so much, depending on how much authority we attribute to the source. We are herd animals, authority hands down guidelines that are supposed to be beneficial to us, so we don’t quibble. We follow. We just don’t question everything.

But what happens when the heard is heading into new, unknown territory? Should we still accept that authority?

This is where the idea of questioning everything comes in. We may well question conventional wisdom and go on to accept it, now secure in our research and the answers that came back. But of course, we may also then reject it and demand or seek new answers.

It’s revealing that questioning things is often received with hostility… as if the mere act of making sure casts doubt on the authority of the information provider.

Well, it does. And that is a good thing.

(This video is an extract from The Mavericks Of Mass Creation conversation with Judith Germain)

Technology has super-charged the pace of change in human society. Have we changed to match it? Clearly, the answer is no… and it is no in many areas. We haven’t changed our labour practice, our economic policies, our environmental approach, our attitude to resources… not to mention a host of socio-political ills. Why not?

If you have read about AI, you have probably read some serious scaremongering about how it will render us all unemployed. What if that wasn’t a bad thing? What if that left time open for us to do more meaningful, purpose-filled, forward-looking things… instead of mundane, dehumanising jobs?

I mean seriously, what’s wrong with the idea of a universal income grant when all the labour is done by machines that don’t pull a salary? Are we seriously contemplating just giving all the profits to the corporations that own the machines? Are we seriously committed to the current wealth and digital divide and just allowing it to continue?

What about inheritance? Isn’t it time we questioned the idea that, just because your parents were rich, you deserve to inherit that wealth and lead a life that someone more capable than you will never attain because, well, it takes money to make money… right?

Why is this right? It’s despicable and inhumane.

THAT’s why we need to question everything. The assumptions underpinning western capitalism are all about maintaining privilege and access to power and money for a select few. Traditionally this was of course the white elite… but as global markets proliferate, it’s just the wealthy of any stripe, shape or colour.

  • Let’s level the playing field.
  • What if we scrapped inheritance?
  • What if we scrapped dividends?
  • What if we scrapped the stock market?
  • What if we scrapped the idea that we HAVE to work to justify our existence?

When I talk about creative thinking, I am not just talking about pretty doodles or fancy poems.

I am talking about re-creating human society for the better… which means changing almost everything about the way it is.

Does that scare you?

It should. It scares me. But you know you are in a good place when you’re scared, it means you’re at the edge of what’s known, of your comfort zone, and therefore on the brink of magic

So, question everything. Why? Because our survival depends on it.

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