Creativity Rules

You were born creative. What you weren’t born with were ninja-level skills.

So, you could solve problems from birth, which is how you learned to walk, eat and speak. But those skills took time, effort and repetition to master. Creativity Rules can change that.

THAT’s why you aren’t the next Picasso, Jimi Hendrix or Richard Branson. Not because you aren’t creative, but because your specific skills set hasn’t hit the levels required to punch at that weight.

Skills and brute repetition get a bad rap when talking about creativity. As a global society we are well and truly sold on the myth of creative genius and how exclusive and rare it is.

What a lot of rubbish. By accepting this myth all we do is disempower yourselves. Make no mistake, creativity is threatening, if we all believed we were creative, we’d all be running off finding our own answers to the big questions… how would anyone control us then?

But seriously. I am not a conspiracy theory nut job. But you’ve all seen how highly creative individuals tend to be maverick thinkers who do not confirm to the rules or expectations and forge success out of this deviance.

YOU can too.

Yes, you can

Because you are also creative

(This video is an extract from the Mavericks Of Mass Creation conversations with Judith Germain)

What you are lacking is three things:

  1. Believing you are creative
  2. A focus area that you are channelling this creativity into
  3. Ninja level skills in that area to allow you to execute

So, here are the three rules of becoming a weapon of mass creation and changing your life and the world around you:

  1. Show up
  2. Start
  3. Repeat

What I have discovered after 30 years in the arts and entertainment space, and 30 years of being an entrepreneur is: people do not lack promising ideas. They lack starts; they lack action. They let their own idea of their limitations hold them back.

Don’t become your own worst enemy. Show up, start and come back tomorrow and do it again. And then do it again and again and again until you are excellent at whatever it is you started to do… THEN you will start to see fireworks, change, improvement, purpose, self-respect and confidence. Then, you will be a weapon of mass creation.

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