How to Make a Great Read

Do you know how to make a great read?

When a highly skilled practitioner delivers a world-class performance or product, it’s easy to look up in awe and assume that we mere mortals will never be able to achieve that.

Verity Price won the 2021 Toastmasters Global Public Speaking competition.. she is a champion. But more than that, her message was about transforming her life from one of disappointment to one where she had reached her goals.

I have seen enough of those kinds of talks to know that, sometimes, it sounds all well and good for the speaker, but how can I do that?

This is why I decided to interview Verity and find out the full story… both of HOW she revolutionised her life by accessing her creativity, but also some more info about the speech itself.

In this 20-minute interview, we go into:
How verity wrote the speech
WHAT she has around her to support her creativity
WHO supported her
And more.

There are some powerful lessons about creativity, honesty and perseverance in these 20-minutes!

Have fun watching it.

(Find out more about Verity here: I Am Verity home )

A Great Read