Be The Change You Want to See

The irony of this statement is its frequent attribution to Gandhi when very little evidence exists to support this idea.*

It really more just sounds like (*) something he would have said. But its apparent source is no less impressive: it appears to have originated with Arleen Lorrance and her The Love Project.

Either way, this is the ultimate self-development bumper sticker. A motivation to do good in the world by being the good you wish to see. An idea encapsulated in the saying of ‘Lead by example.’ To quote The Field of Dreams, ‘Build it and they will come.’

It’s actually a lot like Nike’s just do it

But how do you become change if you yourself do not change?

This is what is important about creativity in the 21st century: its capacity to aid and direct growth by re-imagining identity, society, purpose, meaning, method and intent

If you want to change, you must be creative. And if you fear that you are not creative, you need to look at how you actually do all you do.

This is the level on which owning creativity can get a little bit scary: it means that you can control things. Not always everything of course, but it means you can make decisions, see solutions, create ideas which in turn have an impact on your environment which of course changes things… and YOU did it.

To do this means you must have some idea of what you really want. Luckily, creativity gives an answer here.

If you apply some general techniques of creativity (observation, analysis, re-purposing, proliferation of ideas, focus, implementation) you can also start to clarify what it is that you want… start by ticking off everything that you don’t want!

Ideas are powerful things. Many of the concepts that govern the way our world currently works are old. We are desperately in need of new ones. We need new answers and new concepts and new ways of seeing ourselves, our place in the world and the world itself.

If you feel like the world COULD be a better place, get creative and become a better example in the world because well, you CAN do it!

Just BE the change you want to see in the world.