Creative Inspiration And Concrete Tips

Creative Inspiration And Concrete Tips

It’s not just that I am creative… it’s that I see how creativity can change the world… how it makes things better, creates more… how it sets people free from terrible situations.

THAT’s why creativity is so important. There is much in this world that needs to be changed, fixed and improved. The only way for that to happen to for more people to become creative. We need to crowdsource ideas and methods to improve the experienced reality of everyone on this planet… and for all the other creatures on this planet too.

Diversity of thought is critical to creative output... it is what allows us to escape our paradigms, discover new perspectives and try out new ideas.

This is why I have put together an eclectic list of professional creatives from a diversity of fields in a series of video interviews called simply REBEL, REJECT, CREATE.

In each interview, you’ll hear from someone who has created amazing work: in business, in art, sometimes both! HOW they did it, their biggest tips and more.

You’ll meet The Maverick Leadership creative, Judith Germain:

The Creative play expert Jeff Harry:

and an ever-increasing list of others.

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And the best part? It’s all FREE…

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