Just Do This One Thing to be More Creative

I’ve written a ton of blogs about creativity and becoming more creative.

All of them share concrete, real and actionable advice on improving this important skill.

But there is one piece of advice that I always give that will change your entire life if you act on it. It doesn’t matter if it is for your personal life, right up to changing how a business is run and manages its people.

It’s simple:

  • Make time in every single work day that is reserved for being creative.
  • No excuses.
  • Block it off in your calendar and do not give that time away to anything or anyone else.
  • And then do it every single work day.
  • Always.

What time works best? That time of day when you feel alert, awake and all work is effortless. That’s when. Don’t waste that magic sauce on admin or pointless meetings, spend it coming up with ideas, writing, solving problems, re-working processes and systems, anything that requires creative thought.

I guarantee you that, if you find this time and ring-fence it, guard it and use it, you will start to see enormous benefits. You will have more ideas, your team will have more ideas, you will feel happier. You will strengthen your sense of purpose. You will start to make sense of the challenges surrounding you.

Create the time and space, hold it. Step into it often and do not do ordinary work in it.

There is a multitude of tools and techniques that I can share with you to use in this time, but YOU need to take the step of creating it and holding it.