Rule Breaking For Good People

Wow, we really like our rules, don’t we? Just mention rule-breaking to good people and you can see them get shifty-eyed and uncomfortable. But what do rules give us and why are we so scared to break them?

Rules give us more of what we already have. After the industrial revolution, rules become more and more important as technology grew faster than most people’s ability to understand it. Rules work like guardrails, allowing us to engage with complex and novel technology without getting hurt or breaking the tech.

Rules give us more of what we already have. They are the psychological extension of the assembly line and remain firmly in the industrial age.

The eRevolution

That curve of change that was kicked off in the 1800s has exponentially accelerated to an extent where, today, we exist amongst the fastest rate of technological change in recorded history. One generation may experience changes that would normally play out across 3 or 4 generations… and we need to adapt and grow with these changes or risk being left behind.

If you do get left behind, you get disempowered. You run the risk of existing in a world where, because you cannot comprehend the machinery that runs it, you cannot conceive of your own options or choices within it. In short, you then become a drone, compelled to obey orders because you simply know no better.

When we break the rules, on the other hand, we step over the guardrails into the unknown, we ask questions of ourselves and our environment and we make choices based on what we discover, In short, we seize control over the agenda that would otherwise control use, we move ahead of the curve of the known and we give ourselves the change to become the authors of our own destiny.

I am not advocating anarchy. Plenty of rules are there for perfectly good reasons and questioning those will only confirm that fact. But all too many rules are simply there to enforce a status quo that doesn’t serve you or me.

Other Roads

Many rules are just the path of least resistance because, mostly, we cannot picture a world where everyone thinks for themselves.

But a world where no one thinks for themselves has led to extremism, hate and violence… not to mention the behind the scenes machinations of those who are rich and powerful enough to break All the rules with no consequences.

This is a journey where one step leads to another. Just breaking every rule regardless is the opposite of a journey. Take the first step by asking yourself what the next rule is there for, and if it serves you. What might happen if you bend it or break it a little?

Each rule holds secrets, aren’t you curious about what they are?

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