Some Adult Fiction

Our guest author today is Jade Zwane, who you probably haven’t heard of before.

Jade is a 27 year old from White River, Mpumalanga whose interests include horse riding and the crime channel. She is alsthough the author of a work of erotic fiction titled aDICKted. Here she chats about the book, what writing it and getting it out into the wordl were really like.

Jade Zwane

“aDICKted is my first novel. Made up of short stories based on the sexploits of a twenty something in the city with various lovers. Fictional, she tells of her encounters in each chapter. The character, Crystal is not seeking love but pure, unadulterated sex. The book is free of place, time and race. Requiring the reader to apply some imagination to the names read, making it relevant for most.

The inspiration behind the book lies in my being a late bloomer. I was 23 when I had my first sexual experience and still find everything sex fascinating. I kept a diary of some of my experiences and fantasies. I read to friends after dinner the one night and had everyone present asking for copies of the “diary”. I’m still convinced they were merely being polite.

Writing about sex came very naturally and it was me alone with my laptop and explicit thoughts so nothing to be uncomfortable about. I wasn’t worried when reading the content to my friends either because they showed an interest in the subject matter.

When it was that I finally decided to compile a book of my scribbles I was concerned about the response I would get not only from my family but from the public. It’s taboo to be involved in pre marital sex let alone talk about it in the black culture.

My parents were and continue to be very supportive. My second aunt says I’ve brought shame to the family name, my thoughts are I must have a powerful mind and p**sy to single handedly bring ruin to the family. She’ll come round.

The general public were very excited about the release of the book during my promotion efforts. The biggest hamper to sales was and is the fact that the book is available only at a limited number of places and consumers lack the patience they once had for mail order deliveries.

I self published the book because local publishers all told me they didn’t see a market for the nature of my book. I must admit that their negative responses made me nervous. But I knew there was a market, albeit hidden, because of the turn ups I witnessed at Lola Montez Ladies’s nights and the number of hits I had on my blog, in a manner of months. I’m glad I wasn’t deterred by the numerous rejection letters because what feedback I’ve received regarding the book and blog has been positive. I hope others will follow suit and be open minded about the topic of sex and hopefully sway local publishers into researching the growing adult market.

It is my hope that the book will encourage safe sexual exploration in an otherwise “shy” and repressed South Africa”.

aDICKted is available for purchase via: