Creativity The Crucial Skills

Creativity is inextricably tied to innovation.

This keeps coming up. Creativity is inextricably tied to innovation. As an entrepreneur, your largest asset is your ability to remain memorable and desirable in the face of your competition. Creativity/innovation is the best way to do this.

This means that, as an entrepreneur, it’s important to nurture, develop and grow your creativity.

5 Creative Areas To pay Attention To:

1. Marketing/ Branding yourself

Break free of the norms of the industry and market you work in. Become recognisable. Do things differently, use different colours, speak about your work differently. Don’t just follow the tried and tested rules. Everyone is just using them because they haven’t figured out anything better, not because there is nothing better.

2. The story of your business

Try and figure out what value you REALLY bring to market. Not what you do in terms of products or services, but what you actually give to your clients: peace of mind, satisfaction, security etc etc. And tell that in a clear, easy to understand STORY.

3. Products/ Services

The modern market place is flooded with look and do-alike options. Make yourself different. Go for that patch of blue sky where there is no competition. This is the beauty of self-employment, you CAN think like this and do this.

4. Systems/processes

Make your business work for YOU by being creative and developing really good systems to track your finances and processes to deliver your goods or services. You don’t have to follow the factory assembly line model. Do something that suits the culture and personality of your business

5. Succession/Future planning

It is a failure of modern business that financial imperatives have resulted in a business view that is incredibly short term: quarterly results, annual reports, no thought for five years down the track. If you take the road less travelled and have a long term vision about how your business will still be alive and relevant in 5 to 10 years, you have taken the first step to ensuring that it is.

Creativity as a skill is more than being able to draw, design, write music, poetry or novels. It is an attitude and approach that is essential in a business world where disruptive innovation could destroy your business model overnight.

Remain poised for change and innovation by being creative in everything that your business does.

To misquote Tom Peters:

“It’s not the competition we KNOW about that kills us.”

Rather be the bolt from the blue.