Free Illustrated Short Stories

Free Illustrated Short Stories you can download in pdf format...

The Pinstripe Punk

The Pinstripe Punk is the short story I won the Ernst Van Heerden Creative Writing Award for from WITS. It was part of my collection A Body Remembered, published in 2009.

This is an illustrated version created by the multi-talented Christopher Moon which captures the inner landscape of the main character perfectly.

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What Will Boys Be

What Will Boys Be also featured in A Body Remembered.

It relates the adventure of two friends one sun-drenched and boring afternoon somewhere in the suburbs of Johannesburg.

Illustrated by Christopher Moon, it should probably come with a parental advisory warning.

The FREE pdf copy can be found by clicking here.

Death Is A Warm Embrace

Death Is A Warm Embrace is one of my horror short stories

An ordinary if somewhat threatening situation quickly morphs into something quite different in the time it takes a motorcycle to speed down a highway in Cape Town.

Also illustrated by Christopher Moon.

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